3D People Counting
with 99% precision

3D People Counting
with 99% precision
Why count the visitors?
Precise conversion calculation
With Eocortex 3D Visitor Counting you will be able to precisely calculate the conversion across the company as a whole, as well as for individual shops and departments. The acquired data will enable you to elaborate appropriate sales plans and create an unbiased incentive program for salespersons and consultants.
Headcount optimization
Detailed visiting statistics will show you the idlest and the busiest periods. This data will help you to determine the amount of personnel required at the given point of time for each task: advising visitors, cash operations, cleaning, etc.
Improvement of marketing activity efficiency
3D Visitor Counting will allow you to gage visitor quantity variations during sales promotions. You will be able to carry out A/B testing. As a result, you will see which promotional campaigns function and which of them only waste your time and money.
Cutting of rental costs
If you rent premises in several shopping malls and keep visitor count, you will be able to evaluate the rental rate appropriateness for each shop and use this data when negotiating rent reduction with your lessor.

3D People Counting is used in

Banking & Finance
Cultural & Heritage
Buildings & Offices
Ski Resorts
Aquaparks & Swimming pools
Car shops
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6 reasons to get Eocortex 3D People Counter

High accuracy
99% accuracy
Does not count carts, baby carriages, bags and boxes
Able to precisely recognize several persons simultaneously entering and exiting the premises
Attractive price
Comparatively cheaper price among the similar solutions
Free updates
All further software updates are free of charge
User-friendly & intuitive interface
Installation and configuration within 3 minutes
How it works
3D Visitor Counting software module counts entering and exiting visitors who cross the predetermined line in one of the possible directions – "entrance" and "exit".
You get real-time information on the number of visitors who entered, exited, and remain on the premises.
You can plot graphs and make reports according to the given parameters (time, date, month, year, per several cameras) and export data to CSV format.
Built-in video camera allows you to obtain precise statistics as well as to get back to the archived recorded video at any time for additional analysis.

How is 3D People Counting constructed?

Tell us about your project to obtain a calculation and a consultation of a specialist
Tell us about your project to obtain a calculation and a consultation of a specialist

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Remote access

To get mobile access to your video surveillance system, you can use mobile applications on iOS, Android and through web client via the browser

About us

Eocortex is professional software for IP video surveillance systems and network video recorders. It employs various intelligent video analytics modules. Eocortex VMS allows you to build scalable CCTV camera systems with an unlimited number of IP cameras of any kind. The software package does not have any hidden costs, it is easy to design, install, set up, service, and it comes with free updates.
Company founded
Video Analytics modules
5 000+
Camera models +ONVIF, + PSIA compatible
10 min
Time required for installation and configuration
5 000+
Partners in the world
23 000+
Projects implemented
300 000+
Cameras operating on Eocortex VMS
Cost of personnel training and certification
Pre-sale service cost for your projects
Cost of technical support
Cost of all Eocortex VMS updates
19 video analytics modules for Eocortex VMS
You will be able to solve a wider range of tasks using your video surveillance system, if you connect any of our 19 intelligent video analytics modules.
People Counting
To increase marketing and sales effectiveness, to adjust rental rates
People Counting in Queue
To increase sales proceeds and customer loyalty
Heat Map
To increase the economic return of the commercial or office space use
Face Recognition
To organize 100% controlled access of people to the territory
Smoke and Fire Detection
To avoid victims, loss of property and disasters caused by fires
To prevent terrorist acts, to minimize loss of property caused by the actions of third parties
Abandoned Object Detection
To prevent terrorist attacks, to eliminate the threat to life and health of people
Face Detection
To minimize property loss, to avoid threats to life and health of people
Suspect Search
To prevent and investigate offenses, to find lost children in a large building
Loud Sound Detection
To respond promptly to force majeure events, accompanied by a loud sound
Crowd Monitoring
To prevent mass unrest and public disturbance
License Plate Recognition
To organize fully controlled car access, to monitoring and calculate traffic
Audio Stream Processing
To prevent offences and improve staff performance
Personnel Monitoring
To increase work performance of your staff, to reduce risks attributable to human factor
Hard Hats Detection
To minimize the number of injuries due to violation of safety requirements by workers
To provide a video stream and to record a video archive regardless of force majeure factors
PTZ Camera Control
To provide greater flexibility of the video surveillance system
Sabotage Detection
To minimize the time of video surveillance cameras inoperability
Fisheye Dewarping
To reduce the cost of the video surveillance system
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