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Hard Hats Detection
Intelligent video analytics for CCTV systems
> 3 000 000
The annual number of industrial injuries with fatal and non-fatal outcome in EU countries*
> 500 000
The annual number of brain concussions in the workplace in the EU countries*
We created the world's first Video Analytics for closed circuit television systems (CCTV) that helps to protect the lives of employees and avoid huge penalties
How it works
Your video surveillance system with the activated Hard Hats Detection module identifies a person in the frame and detects the presence of a hard hat on his head
In the event of absence of hard hat on the head of a person, you will automatically receive a notification on your monitor, phone or email
All control events are automatically logged. You can find a video fragment with the violation in the archive at any time

Hard Hats Detection module is used in CCTV systems in the following industries

Remote access
to your CCTV system

You can receive notifications from your video surveillance system via mobile applications on iOS, Android and through web client via the browser

Fill in the form and obtain the free trial version of Hard Hats Detection video analytics module

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About Eocortex
Eocortex is a professional software for IP video surveillance systems and network video recorders. It employs various intelligent Video Analytics modules. Eocortex Video Management Software (VMS) allows you to build scalable CCTV camera systems with an unlimited number of IP cameras of any kind. The software package has no hidden costs, it is easy to design, install, set up, service, and it comes with free updates.

Company founded
Video Analytics
5 000+
Camera models +ONVIF, + PSIA compatible
10 min
Time required for installation and configuration
5 000+
Partners in the world
23 000+
Projects implemented
300 000+
Cameras operating on Eocortex VMS
Cost of personnel training and certification
Pre-sale service cost for your projects
Cost of technical support
Cost of all Eocortex VMS updates
20 Video Analytics modules
for Eocortex VMS

You will be able to solve a wider range of tasks using your video surveillance system, if you plug in any of our 20 intelligent Video Analytics modules.
Smoke and Fire Detection
To detect smoke and fire in camera field of view
To perform perimeter control of selected area, border, or line
Face Detection
To detect a face and enter it into a database
Loud Sound Detection
To register noise level surpassing the preset limit
Abandoned Object Detection
To detect an abandoned object and find a person who left it
Suspect Search
To track movement of a person among the cameras, to search for a suspect in the archive
Crowd Monitoring
To count people in a crowd, to notify about crossing of a preset threshold
Face Recognition
To arrange for controlled automated access of persons to the premises
License Plate Recognition
To arrange for controlled automated access of cars to the premises
People Counting
To perform visitor counting
Audio Stream Processing
To record and transmit sound in both directions
Personnel Monitoring
To monitor presence and activity of personnel on their workplace
People Counting in Queue
To count people in a line, to notify about exceeding a preset threshold
Heat Map
To monitor routes of moving and stopping of visitors, evaluate people flow intensity
Hard Hats Detection
To detect, register and notify presence of people not wearing hard hats
To ensure uninterrupted video stream transmission and recording to archive, notwithstanding force majeure factors
PTZ Camera Control
To pan, tilt, zoom, and control a camera
Sabotage Detection
To detect camera sabotage or faults
Fisheye Dewarping
To view expanded panorama or panorama split into 2 or 4 frames
3D People Counting
To perform precision visitor counting
Show all modules

Eocortex VMS supports cameras of all the popular brands

+ any cameras of other manufacturers via ONVIF and PSIA protocols

Minimize the number of injuries due to violation of safety requirements by workers
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