Improve the quality and duration of baby's sleep

Learn about the sensitivity of sleep with the Smart Baby Monitor app
Our key feature - the application analyzes the child's movement patterns while sleeping and sends a notification to the parent in advance that the baby will wake up soon.

The motion sensor works on the basis of neural networks and has a high quality of determining that the child is waking up, and not just moving in a dream. The application also has custom options so that parents can customize the detector to suit their child's sleep patterns: sleep phases, age, etc.
How it works?
You will need two smartphones and a stable connection to the Internet (WiFi or mobile Internet). An application with a smart baby monitor should be installed on each of them. The first device will be a camera, the second - a parent monitor.

- Open the Smart Baby Monitor app on your devices.

- Select the user of this device: "Baby" or "Parent".

- Establish a connection between smartphones by entering a six-digit code from the "Baby" device on the "Parent" device.

Smart Baby Monitor will be useful for you if
- You work during the day while the baby is sleeping.

- You carefully monitor the baby's sleep pattern.

- You don't want to constantly check if the baby is sleeping or not
See how Smart Baby Monitor works in 1 minute
1) Is the application free?
Smart Baby Monitor has a 3-days free trial period, after that a 1 year subscription will cost you 30$.
2) I have only 1 smartphone, can I use your application?
Unfortunately not. You need to have 2 smartphones (IOS or Android devices) to connect them as "baby monitor" and "parent" device. We support Android operating system version Lollipop 5.0 (or higher) and IOS 8.0 (or higher).
3) At what maximum distance between two smartphones will it work?
We do not have any restrictions regarding that, you may use our application even if one of your phone is in another country! The only condition that should be met - a stable internet connection (WIFI or mobile internet)
4) How is my data protected?
We do not have any access to your camera channel and do not achive your video. More information is here
5) Can it work during the night?
Smart Baby Monitor doesn't have night mode for now. Please make sure that it is not too dark in the room for higher accuracy of our neural network.