Get new Face Recognition for CCTV

Special offer - $299 RRP per camera,
optional database up to 10 000 000 people

What are the spheres for this offer?

System integration and installation companies can be Eocortex partners. Video analytics by Eocortex, — and especially Face Recognition module — are aimed at getting projects in the vertical markets of:
Banking & Finance
Government Facilities
Passenger marine ships
Critical infrastructure
Private property

9 Reasons to get Face Recognition

High accuracy
Our Face Recognition module for CCTV provides 96% accuracy
Performs with a faces database of any size
Can be easily integrated with any access control system
User-friendly & intuitive interface
Installation and configuration within 3 minutes
Access rights
Access rights for a definite group of people and notifications in case of access violation
Time attendance fixed in the journal (clocking-in)
Attractive price
Comparatively cheaper price among the similar solutions
No hidden cost
1 camera = 1 module
1 system = 1 database
Free updates
All further software updates are free of charge

How it works

It is necessary to have people database for the effective work of Eocortex Face Recognition module. The people can be divided into groups with access privileges / limitations. Further performance of Face Recognition module will be done according to the database.

Functions of Face Recognition module:

  • People database alteration
  • Identification of faces in real time and archive, according to the existing database
  • Search in the archive by detected faces
  • Search in the archive by a photo

The module guarantees high accuracy when working with access control system. SMS, e-mail and push notifications can be configured.

Remote access

To get mobile access to your video surveillance system, you can use mobile applications on iOS, Android and through web client via the browser
Tell us about your project and we will send you information about solutions and a trial version within one business day
References from our partners
We've recently started selling Eocortex software. Our system integration partners have managed to master the product quite fast and now implement the projects based on Eocortex. The technical specification and the cost are the most attractive on the market nowadays.
Frank Scholten
Technicial Product Manager CCTV
ARAS Security
Eocortex Face Recognition was tested at a number of real objects and proved its high quality of performance. The first tests reflected the interest of clients to Eocortex. We believe, it will be our bestseller.
Frederick Jacobs
General Manager
Visuatech bvba
References from our end users
We have 100 employees working at our office, so controlling who enters the premises is of high priority to us. We integrated Face Recognition with access control system and everything works perfectly well.
Helen Sharp
CIO of trade company
VIP clients of our bank are wealthy people who appreciate time and comfortable conditions. That is why, we have implemented Face Recognition module for access to the bank offices. The clients are satisfied; the system performs fast and without failure.
Rick Lappiere
VIP-Manager of a large bank
The casino is visited by a variety of people on a daily basis. In the interests of safety, the database with "red list" is constantly growing. Face Recognition by Eocortex gives us the opportunity to quickly identify those who are unwelcome.
Kate Giordano
Security specialist of casino

About us

Eocortex is professional software for IP video surveillance systems and network video recorders. It employs various intelligent video analytics modules. Eocortex VMS allows you to build scalable CCTV camera systems with an unlimited number of IP cameras of any kind. The software package does not have any hidden costs, it is easy to design, install, set up, service, and it comes with free updates.
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