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Eocortex ULTRA

  • 19 intelligent modules of video analytics
  • Videowall
  • System health check
  • Archiving
  • Open SDK / API
  • Supports equipment by any manufacturer
  • Supports ONVIF, PSIA, and RTSP connections
  • Unlimited scale to any number of cameras and servers
  • A common and convenient interface for managing all elements of the system
  • Rights management
  • Internal chat
  • Remote monitoring
Eocortex ULTRA Features
You can build a video wall with up to 32 separate monitors without using additional devices or programs to control large-scale and geographically remote facilities.

Rights Management
In ULTRA, you can grant system configuration rights to administrators at different levels, and control access to cameras and individual functions for all users of the system.

Internal Chat
All operators and administrators of the video system can exchange service messages without using additional programs and services.

Open SDK
Open HTTP-API and SDK for developers allows integrating ULTRA with various third-party applications.
Eocortex ULTRA System Health Check
  • create reports regarding the status of monitoring system components
  • monitor the status of servers and server equipment
  • view the error log
  • control the load of CPUs, main memory and network host adapters
  • check the presence of signal from the cameras
  • check status of the record in archive
  • control client connections to the server
Eocortex ULTRA Archiving
Recording to archive
Recording to archive is made on all disks evenly. The video archive file size is optimized individually for each storage device. It provides maximum writing and reading speed.
ULTRA supports the archive on the the camera SD card. The system automatically synchronizes the archive of the video server with the one on the SD card.

Work with archive
You can:
  • set the depth of the archive for individual cameras or groups of cameras;
  • configure replication of the archive on a dedicated server;
  • decimate the archive to reduce the number of archived frames upon the expiry of the specified time;
  • bookmark video fragments in the archive by date, time, cameras;
  • you can add names, descriptions, categories, notes regarding importance and add comments to bookmarks.
19 video analytics modules for Eocortex ULTRA
16 modules are included, 3 can be installed separately
To prevent terrorist acts, to minimize loss of property caused by the actions of third parties
To prevent and investigate offenses, to find lost children in a large building
To increase marketing and sales effectiveness, to adjust rental rates
To minimize property loss, to avoid threats to life and health of people
To increase sales proceeds and customer loyalty
To increase the economic return of the commercial or office space use
To provide greater flexibility of the video surveillance system
To prevent terrorist attacks, to eliminate the threat to life and health of people
To avoid victims, loss of property and disasters caused by fires
To respond promptly to force majeure events, accompanied by a loud sound
To prevent mass unrest and public disturbance
To increase work performance of your staff, to reduce risks attributable to human factor
To prevent offences and improve staff performance
To provide a video stream and to record a video archive regardless of force majeure factors
To minimize the time of video surveillance cameras inoperability
To reduce the cost of the video surveillance system
To organize fully controlled car access, to monitoring and calculate traffic
To organize 100% controlled access of people to the territory
To minimize the number of injuries due to violation of safety requirements by workers
Remote access
To get mobile access to your video surveillance system, you can use mobile applications on iOS, Android and through web client via the browser
Features and functions
Android / iOS
Watch online
Android / iOS
View images from cameras online
Configure the frame rate for viewing
Adjust the number of IP cameras in a multipicture
up to 15
up to 5
Scale the image
Drag a channel in a multipicture grid
Take screenshots
Listen to the sound from cameras
Manage online
Android / iOS
Control PTZ cameras
Receive notifications online
Android / iOS
Receive push-notifications about events that are configured in video analytics
Work with the video archive
Android / iOS
Play the archive, search for frames by date and time
Speed up archive viewing 20-fold and slow down 10-fold
Eocortex ULTRA Compatibility
+ any cameras of other manufacturers via ONVIF and PSIA protocols
Technical specification

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Eocortex is professional software for IP video surveillance systems and network video recorders. It employs various intelligent video analytics modules. Eocortex VMS allows you to build scalable CCTV camera systems with an unlimited number of IP cameras of any kind. The software package does not have any hidden costs, it is easy to design, install, set up, service, and it comes with free updates.
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