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Why trust Eocortex solutions
27 000+ projects implemented
300000+ cameras managed by Eocortex VMS
5 000+ partners all over the world
5000+ camera models +ONVIF, +PSIA compatible
All further software updates are free of charge

2008 company founded
55+ countries

7 Reasons why it is easy to win projects with Eocortex

End-user's user-friendly and intuitive product
Very stable system with strong failover features
Possibility to upscale your project at any time
Ability to work with large and small systems
Individual approach in integrations, common solutions, feedback and technical support
Ability to work with practically all cameras
Financial benefits
- Lifetime licenses with no ongoing costs for regular updates
- Free training and certification
- Inexpensive system compared to professional counterparts
- Free pre-sale service and technical support

Eocortex VMS is crucial for solving tasks
in various industries

Retail, casinos, cafes and restaurants
Theft prevention, database of VIP-clients, unique visitor counting etc.
Banks & Finance

Increased security, fight agains fraudsters etc.
Airports, museums and stadiums
Recognition of persons in a crowd, searching for missing children etc.
Safe city & police
Detection and prevention of crime, search for a person from a police database etc.
Constructing and manufacturing
Zone access control, violation detection etc.
Time atendance control, assesment of your staff efficiency etc.
Eocortex made it possible to reduce the cost of projects with face recognition by almost ten times and increase the accuracy of face recognition to 99% and higher.
By virtue of using deep learning neural networks, Eocortex accurately identifies people whose faces are partly covered by scarfs, headwear, helmets, ear muffs, and fringes.
The module can recognize up to 100 faces in a frame, it has a face database with the unlimited number of faces, allows to search for people in the video archive using their photos, as well as to create black and white lists.
THE IMPROVED Face Recognition Module
Now includes:
- replication of faces database
- unique visitor counting
- ready to fulfil strict regulations
Partner References
We've recently started selling Eocortex software. Our system integration partners have managed to master the product quite fast and now implement the projects based on Eocortex. The technical specification and the cost are the most attractive on the market nowadays.
Frank Scholten
Technicial Product Manager CCTV
ARAS Security
Eocortex Face Recognition was tested at a number of real objects and proved its high quality of performance. The first tests reflected the interest of clients to Eocortex. We believe, it will be our bestseller.
Frederick Jacobs
General Manager
Visuatech bvba
References from our end users
We have 100 employees working at our office, so controlling who enters the premises is of high priority to us. We integrated Face Recognition with access control system and everything works perfectly well.
Helen Sharp
CIO of trade company
VIP clients of our bank are wealthy people who appreciate time and comfortable conditions. That is why, we have implemented Face Recognition module for access to the bank offices. The clients are satisfied; the system performs fast and without failure.
Rick Lappiere
VIP-Manager of a large bank
The casino is visited by a variety of people on a daily basis. In the interests of safety, the database with "red list" is constantly growing. Face Recognition by Eocortex gives us the opportunity to quickly identify those who are unwelcome.
Kate Giordano
Security specialist of casino
One of Our Cases With Face Recognition
Stock Luyckx Store Chain
92 IP Cameras with ST License

CCTV tasks:
Ensure the basic level of safety in the store and adjust the anti-theft system.

92 cameras were installed to reduce loss due to theft and prevent larceny in the future
Eocortex advantages:

Eocortex advantages:
Main reason to choose Eocortex: ease of use of the basic intelligent modules, convenience of searching for the required information, highly efficient operation of video analytics.
You can rely on us
We are always active!

We are dynamic and hungry for development and new discoveries.

We are opened to everything, creating new features all the time and moving only forward!

We are 120 motivated professionals.
And this is exactly our strength!
We are flexible and can find individual approach to each partner:

- integrations for your needs;
- regular updates;
- solutions for systems of different sizes.

We are always close to you!
We keep our finger on the pulse, so we can satisfy our partners needs fast:

- our system is easy and friendly for integrators and end-users;
- our managers and pre-sales always react to your inquires as quickly as possible.

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